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    About us

    Thank you for visiting!

    We are a Christian owned and operated promotional product company. We run our company based on Christian principles. We strive to honor God in every aspect of our everyday lives and that includes, business activities.
    We honor Jesus by these core biblical principles:

    SERVING customers with EXCELLENCE
    MANAGING assets with DILIGENCE and
    BUILDING team members with CARE, and
    ADDING value to our COMMUNITY.

    That being said... We both bring over 15 years experience to the promotional products industry. We offer hands on experience in every aspect of the business including marketing, point of sale, graphic art & design, customer service & order processing.

    We started 15 years ago wanting to bring the promo industry's customers a positive online experience that we would like to experience ourselves. In doing so we asked ourselves the question, what do customers really want? We determined they really want three things. Simply put, they want the right product, at the right price and on time. Recognizing those three needs is one thing, however making it happen is another.
    Here's how we meet those needs and make you want to go and tell all your friends.

    Product Find

    The fact is, if it is on God's green earth we will find what you are looking for. Rather it is on our website or we need to search in our national supplier database, we will find it. The numbers of promo products that are on the market are in the millions. As you can imagine, anything can be printed on and used for a promotional and not all of them are on our site. We have carefully chosen some of the top products by the top supplier's in the industry and added them to our website. New products are added daily. After all, distributors are only as strong as their suppliers. A distributor can deliver 110% and if the supplier fails, then ultimately the distributor fails.
    Free samples are the second way we help customers find a product they will be happy with. We understand that buying online can be tough and beg the question of how a product is really going to look, feel and function. Feel free to request samples of a few of your favorite items.

    Lastly, our art department is flat out gracious. We will design a logo for you if you do not have one. Every product looks better with a logo and that is part of our customers loving the end result. We will offer as many different layouts and do as many proofs as necessary until we end up with the absolute best result possible. All absolutely free...just don't get crazy!

    In cases where a lot of dough is at risk and our customers want to make sure the printed product will come out exactly as intended there is an option; a production proof a.k.a. spec sample. This is where a few of the products are physically printed and shipped to the customer before producing the entire order run. This is more common with large orders. There is a cost to this option. However, the payment for a production proof will be applied toward the total order cost, if the order is placed.

    Competitive product pricing

    All of the online distributors have access to the same suppliers, hence the same products. Since the unique product variable is a non-issue, choosing which distributor to buy from boils down to two things. Who has the best pricing and service? Everyone on our team works from a home office. This allows us to keep overhead down tremendously and keep our pricing much more competitive. If we happen to not have the best price, we vow to beat any total order cost from any competitor by at least 5%. That's pretty big words coming from a small company, huh? We do more business and have just as much buying power as any company out there. Try us!

    Quality Assurance

    We guarantee that your product will arrive on time and without issue. We guarantee your product will function as intended, be printed as approved, and the imprint will not rub off. Let's face it, from time to time things happen. Whether it be that the products get damaged in transit or the imprint is smudged, you can rest assured we will fix the issue at no cost to you. Not only will we fix the problem, but we will fix it at lightning speed. You won't be passed from department to department. You won't have to call in to some call center and be forced to re-explain your issue or wait on the agent to get up to date with the notes. We want your repeat business for years to come and part of making that happen is making sure our customers are completely 100% satisfied.


    A large majority of promotional items are bought because they are needed for a specific event. We specialize in rush production and deliveries. We will not just find a supplier that can produce the product that you want when you want it, but we will do so at the best possible price. Say for instance that you live in California and need your order in 2 days. Here is how working with us will go down in that rush order scenario. We will search for a California supplier that has the product you are looking at a competitive price and does one day rush productions. Finding a California supplier versus an east coast supplier will reduce the amount of shipping cost for overnight delivery. Sometimes it may be more cost effective to ship overnight across the US because the east coast supplier's products are that much cheaper. Once there is a decision on the optimal supplier, you will receive an art proof within minutes of ordering. Once the art proof is approved, we will process your order. A tracking number will be sent to you as soon as your order ships. All if this is done by the same person. Talk about saving time and having no room for confusion.

    If you are still not convinced how serious we take event deadlines and that we understand how crucial it is for an on time delivery, then how's this for serious? If your order has a firm in hands date, it will arrive on time or it's free! We call it our 'All or Nothing' policy.

    What is it like working with us in one word? Personal. Your rep is always there for you and available to you. They will be the one you will talk to when you call, chat, email or snail mail us. They will handle helping you with developing a promotional product marketing plan, making product choices, making a purchase, discussing your art, designing your art and with any post order customer service. Even if we have to delegate some of the leg work at times, you will always have your rep from beginning to end with your purchase. You will get to know us and we'll get to know you, just like if you walked in to a brick and mortar store and dealt with the same representative.

    What does all this mean to you? It means you will get the absolute best possible service by a family of people who care and have a very big vested interest in making sure that all customers big or small are always satisfied.

    Let us amaze you with our service!


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